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"My first transaction with Zarine and Neville started over 12 years ago when we bought a home from them. Since then we have bought and sold several more homes from them over the years. This last transaction was a sale that was a very difficult one for me emotionally. It was my mother's home that she purchased with my father in 1972. My mother passed away and I called Zarine and told her that we needed her help again. Both Neville and Zarine showed lots of compassion and care. They helped me with getting the house ready to put on the market ASAP with their contractor and supervision. My mother's house looked absolutely gorgeous and one week later we had multiple offers and went $150, 000 over the asking price. Neville and Zarine are amazing people and Realtors. I am grateful that my mother had known them over the years and I am sure she wouldn't have chosen anybody else for the sale of her beloved home. I will always recommend them."



Zarine was a truly exceptional broker. We were working under extremely difficult circumstances: sudden death in the family, cross country negotiations and a global pandemic bearing down upon us- each a potential strain in its own right but having all three at the same time was unbelievable. Yet Zarine and her team were efficient, timely, polite and supportive at every step of the process. The house sold in record time way above our expectations to a lovely young family. Zarine’s good nature and kind and keen instincts guided us along the way. We could not have had a more satisfying experience. Zarine is extremely experienced and it shows in how smoothly the whole process went.


My comments about Zarine Batliwalla are from the heart. She was sympathetic to our sudden and tragic events that precipitated the selling of the house. Wish a firm hand, kindness and good humor she guided us through the process. She knew all the ins and outs of inspections and preparations, repairs and staging and had excellent referrals to fine people doing these ancillary jobs, that from my experience can be quite troublesome. She breezed us through (working hard behind the scenes, I am sure to save us the stress). The house was completely transformed into tip top shape for selling. I can say with confidence that if I ever had to sell or buy a house again, I would go to her in a micro-second.

Love you my dear.



Connell Family, Sellers